Ideas in Motion.

We are creating a human-centered model for making communities safer, more sustainable, and more equitable through mobility innovation.



The MID (Mobility Innovation District) is building the foundation for future-forward mobility solutions.

The MID plants the seed for future-forward mobility solutions that position safe mobility options as an answer to systemic urban issues and that improve quality of life and access for all.

The public-private partnership uses on-the-ground testing and mobilizes global technology partners to drive local-first solutions, then serve as a template for fixing disadvantages in cities worldwide.


why we're here

Why The MID

Historically, access to everything from healthcare to groceries to jobs hasn’t been equal in cities around the world. We believe that mobility and transportation design can fix that.

We’re working to provide the Southwest D.C. community with safer, faster transportation so that everyone has better access to affordable groceries, healthcare, and more.

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